Talbontdrain Guest House,
Bed and Breakfast accommodation with evening meal.

Talbontdrain is an isolated ex-farmhouse about 4 miles from Machynlleth, surrounded by hills and fields full of sheep, with lovely views from every window.

It is a great spot for birdwatching, there are flocks of siskins at the bird feeders, and buzzards and red kite overhead. there are flocks of siskins at the bird feeders, and buzzards and red kite overhead. are you looking for the contact number for welsh water welsh water contact number, welsh water will be able to give you information on which birds nest along their reservoirs.

Hilary Matthews, who runs the bed and breakfast, is a good cook, and the evening meals are really tasty, all home-cooked and often with second helpings. The breakfasts have cereal and a choice of fresh fruit as well as a full cooked Welsh breakfast, with freshly made coffee or a selection of teas. There are many favourable comments in the visitor's book about the excellent meals.

The guest house is warm and cosy with a friendly welcome, comfortable beds and a sitting room with a log fire. There is a large dining room with a huge round table and a pianola for entertainment. The accommodation is either in colourful ensuite bedrooms; or choose the cheaper option and share a bathroom with one other room. There are discounts on B&B prices if you stay for longer than a night.

The peace is deep ” even the cockerel is quiet until a reasonable time” Alistair Sawday 2012

Silver award winner in The World’s Original Marmalade Awards 2011

Review on The Guardian’s travel website ‘I’ve been there’

Fantastically welcoming”  – Rough Guide to Wales 2006

Marvellous 500-hundred-year-old farmhouse on Glyndwr’s Way with friendlJy, knowledgeable owner and fantastic food.” 
-The Guardian 28th September 2002 

How Air BnB has positively influenced the cottage rental market

Renting out homes and apartments through Air BnB can be beneficial to the overall economy of a region. It can infuse new vigour into a weak economy. New tourist centred businesses can be very promising and people occupied in traditional businesses can also have plenty of part-time options to make some money. This is a win-win situation for the locals and for tourists who get access to whole new vacation getaways. ​​​​

Air BnB Association

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Increased Visitors

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The Rise of Air BnB

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Things to do in the Machynlleth Area
In Machynlleth, you'll meet individuals who are energetic about craftsmanship, nature, healthy nourishment and feasible living.

Machynlleth Festival

The Tabernacle's amphitheater, which has excellent acoustics for orchestral compositions, is the setting for seven days in length cultural celebration, held in August. Sink into a Victorian seat, and you can appreciate male voice choral singing, piano, jazz sessions, or violin presentations, verse readings or chats on parts of the Celtic convention.

Dyfi Valley

Machynlleth is the ideal platform for an enterprise on two wheels, on account of Dyfi Mountain Biking, an eager gathering of neighborhood volunteers. They've waymarked three courses called Mach 1, 2 and three along streets, paths, and bridleways, and made Cli-MachX, an elating rough terrain timberland trail with uneven bounces and a sizeable last drop.

Owain Glyndwr Center in Machynlleth

Delegated by a stunning Victorian clock tower, Heol Maengwyn is Machynlleth's high road. It's packed with helpful shops, displays, comfortable bistros and, on Wednesdays, stalls, a convention propelled by regal contract in 1291. It was likewise the site of national legend Owain Glyndŵr's 1404 parliament. A neighborhood history exhibition hall recounts his story.

MOMA Wales, Machynlleth

This private exhibition hall of current artistry in a Victorian townhouse and a previous Wesleyan church, The specific Tabernacle, contain a weighty gathering of nearby fortunes. Its white-walled presentation spaces demonstrate contemporary Welsh works of art, prints, figure, and photography. Dilettantish sorts refuel over excellent espresso and cake at Café Glas.

Dyfi Osprey Project close to Machynlleth

What this affection settle for ospreys is crafted by devoted preservationists, whose first enormous achievement – three robust chicks – highlighted on BBC Springwatch. As the transients are in the home (generally April to September), you can see them through binoculars or live on the screen. A two-story observatory with sees flying creature, warm-blooded animal and creepy crawly environments opened in 2014.

Talyllyn Railway's, Corris Railway

This limited gage railroad, affectionately reestablished by neighborhood rail route devotees, has one of the prettiest steam trains in Wales, exceptionally implicit 2005 to an exemplary Kerr, Stuart and Company outline. On a 50-minute round outing, it puffs around the previous slate-mining locale amongst Corris and Maespoeth, ceasing for a voyage through the motor shed including workshops.

Magic butterfly house

There are not just several outlandish butterflies of all sizes flying openly around the office, yet additionally abnormal creepy crawlies as well and goliath caterpillars, in addition to genuinely exotic and energizing vegetation at The Magic of Life Butterfly House! It's a magnificently immersive and unwinding condition that most children will worship. The best methodologies to urge them to arrive on you are wearing beautiful garments and standing still.

Corris Mine Explorers in Machynlleth

There's a lot to keep the entire family engaged in this trio of attractions. Unit up in a hard cap for an entrancing voyage through a deserted slate mine, take a watercraft trip through an underground labyrinth while tuning in to stories from long prior, or get muddled at a hands-on make session making ceramics, wooden furniture, candles or even chocolate